Hot Images 4

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Hot Images – mimetic – iconic
Digest of a conference with slide projections in 1992 at the Nobel Library of the Swedish Academy in Stockhlom
Hot images shine up and disappear. They are part of the images which enter us regularly. They are hot for some time and cold afterwards. A hot image is obsessive.
Mimetic images seem innocent. They are narrative, they can consist of many elements. On the contrary, iconic images can be dangerous, being a concentrated amalgams of meanings, compressions of power.
Kurzfassung eines Dia-Vortrags, den ich 1992 in der Bibliothek Nobel der Schwedischen Akademie in Stockholm gehalten habe. Zum Englisch üben.
1. The Aachen Cathedral
2. Robert Indiana, Love Rising, 1968 + Erik Bulatov CCPC 1988
3. Andy Warhol Brillo and Campbell Boxes 1964 + Erik Bulatov Perestroika 1988
4. Tom Wesselmann Great American Nude 54 1964 + Ivan Tchuikov The great bathing nude 1969
The highly stylized nude image was introduced by Wesselmann into the western art world in the first half of the 60ies. It was one in a line of provocative images which prepared the cultural rebellions and revolutions of 1968. In that time of the governments of Kennedy and Chrustschow a small transfer of pop art into the east occurred. The 3-dimensional work which Tchuikov created in Moscow1969 had the chance to come up as an argument. But it was prohibited at once and disappeared. In the Perestroika-Year 1988 it was offered to the collector Ludwig by the Soviet Ministry of Culture.

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